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The litter is processed and pelletised with no additives or glues and provides a natural pine scent keeping your cat's litter tray smelling clean and fresh. Nature’s litter is a quality cat and pet litter product made from wood pellets.

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The pellets are made from pine and birch wood, which gives a natural fragrance and helps to control odours.

Natural cat litter wood pellets. The pellets are made from 100% northeastern white pine without chemicals or additives. Often times eco friendly pellet litter can also be used for guinea pigs, ferrets and other small animals. Feces are scooped away and removed daily.

Our premium cat litter wood pellets are made from 100% natural recycled sawdust. This cat litter has a natural pine scent that keeps the litter tray smelling clean and fresh. Made entirely from sustainably sourced, responsibly rescued natural wood fiber, ökocat® offers the brilliance of european engineering for a better performing litter.

Of the many cat litter formulas by ökocat, the natural clumping wood litter provides the best and most incredible absorption performance. In case you want to learn more about those pellets manufacturing process, this video of how wood pellets are made will give you the answer. After all, that’s the primary purpose of cat litter, right?

One of the top features, you can see in the name, is it’s incredible clumping power which makes for super easy cleaning. Premium grade wood pellet cat litter supplied in 15kg clear bags: Pros & cons of natural cat litter.

The wood pellets are produced from natural wood, from sustainably managed forests. If the cats backslide or stop using the new litter box, go back a few steps and add the regular litter back to the box. Our cat litter is ultra absorbant and contains no glues or additives.

Pellets are granules that are made from a variety of absorbent materials, constituting an effective option as cat litter. Some types of wood that are commonly used to make the best wood pellets for cat litter are pine, cedar, oak, and the likes. Natural cat litter is widely available in pellet form.

Order a 40 lb bag of wood pellets or find a dealer to buy today. The other natural litter products of other brands, however, can still perform better than this formula. This pellet cat litter also has a natural pine scent to it.

Made from 100% natural wood the litter is biodegradable, making it friendly on the environment and can be put in any suitable compost bin after all faeces have been removed. Wood pellet cat litter is a type of natural pellet litter. For instance, the feline pine cat litter can even be more reliable in terms of moisture absorption.

Leave the dirt outside and make the choice to switch to a superior natural litter that's cleaner and healthier for your cat, family and home. This is brilliantly absorbent and highly effective at controlling odours. This is another delightful pine pellet cat litter.

Pellets are nice for cats with long hair , and they tend to be highly absorbent. Non clumping wood pellet cat litter by pets at home is a highly absorbent natural cat litter. Don’t worry, as we’ll list them down for you:

Besides, there are numerous different advantages and central points of cat litter pellets that give me the motivation to make the buy. Okocat natural wood clumping cat litter. The entire contents of the litter box is changed about every 14 days, depending on.

Wood pellets make a great alternative to traditional cat litter. Simply pine cat litter is biodegradable and the pine offers antibacterial properties. The natural power of pine oil destroys ammonia odor.

Our environment friendly wood pellet cat litter is made from 100% biodegradable fsc wood. Made in australia from 100% australian plantation pine waste wood chips, the litter is fully biodegradable and after use can be composted and disposed of in your garden. You may be a bit confused as to which criteria to look for in wood pellets for cat litter.

Sprinkle additional pellets on the surface to maintain the litter box. Last is certainly not least, especially when it comes to okocat natural wood clumping cat litter. The sawdust ends up at the bottom of the litter box, while the fresh pellets remain on top.

What to look for in wood pellets for cat litter. Wood pellets can absorb up to three times their own weight in moisture, making them a super absorbent kind of cat litter. Even a small quantity of the wood chips will work fine for a good period.

After a while, if you see the cats are using the litter box regularly and the litter is mostly wood, you can try switching it to 100% wood pellets. According to petco’s cat litter guide, natural cat litters are better than any other type at checking off all the boxes on a cat owner’s wish list. Okocat natural wood clumping pellet cat litter.

Then again, cat litter pellets can be reused and treated the soil, which ensures the earth. The natural formula of these wood pellets will be highly effective in odor resistance. It provides natural odour control, which means no more litter tray smells!

The wood chips in this cat litter come from hinoki wood and also feature green tea for a natural and clean odor eliminating formula.

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